intuitive ultra fast 3d face rigging/animation/characterisation system
the qO controller system

saving clicks = saving time
The system is designed to reduce mouse travel time, eliminate time consuming controller changes, manipulate functions with your regular hotkeys (translate, rotate, scale) and to provide an exeptional overview of all involved animation curves. You get maximum functionality with minimum input.

adjustable automation and dependency system

Dependent parts( like eyebrow movement when you close your eyes) are automatically added – you just choose frame delay and strength.

This way the animator can concentrate on the fun part: Bringing a character to life- not organizing dozens of controllers with hundreds of keyframes each.

a face rigging – animation – character  definition tool

-setup the face rig in minutes-
-be an actor and not an operator-
-use qOS for any faceRig-
-define the characters typical expressions for studio productions for the use of all animators

About QO System

the QO System provides an intuitive and quick way of keyframing your characters performance

with just a few controllers, you got everything, that’s needed to create a convincing performance – and you can still add detail with your regular controls afterwards.

The complete setup includes a speech module and ’sticky lips‘ support. The QO System is in development: stay tuned for more features to kick in.


the system has a different approach to face animation.

Instead of moving and keying everything separately, qOs has holistic controls which includes all the subtle tiny movements of the dependent face muscles delivering natural, vivid facial animation with just a few keyframes. Amount and timing of the dependant controls can be finetuned by the animator.

Left and Right side move together – but can be modified by asymmetry.
the EMO control is for brows and eyes and the SYNC control is for the mouth. Additionally there is the eyes CTL – a little nice addon, that works with the lookAt control – to be able to animate eye darts without changing the working focus.

with the few controls, it’s very easy and fast to get an overview of all involved keys in the curve editor.

as the performance itself is realized, more detail can be added with the regular method.

adjustable automation and dependency system

The system uses the natural opposition of shapes (like frown and smile) to simplify the Setup.

Anatomic dependencies for secondary faceparts reduce the effort of creating a believable Expression. Secondary faceparts are controlled indirectly and get moved when applicable. The Animator can change intensity and timing. This will drastically speed up the animation workflow.

checkout qO rigging demo