quick onnimation uses 4 speed enhancing components
UI simplification

not only the translation, ut also scaling and rotation of the Control are assigned to functions

all involved keys  are visible at once 

simplification by an exclusion system

The given choices are reduced  by adapting them to the situation – this eliminates unwanted crossing of shapes

controllable automation

A frame offset is implemented to achieve a fleshy impression – taking care of tedious keyframe action

Dependency Attributes

Control the strength and timing. The moment is defined by the respective qOS Control.

intuitive ultra fast 3d face rigging/animation/characterisation system
qO face rigging

integrate the qOsystem into the rig. prepare the blendshapes and setup the qO System with a few clicks with the rigging tool (currently in Beta)

the rigging tool connects to the radialBlendshape Plugin by Paolo Dominici for the eyes and brows

qo face animation

the controller setup is developed to safe time everything needed can be controlled by just a few controllers.

the eyes and brows are controlled by the emo control and the eyes control. and the mouth by the sync control. the upcoming release will include a sticky Lips module and/or a Phonemes Setup

use the quickOnnimation system with any keyable faceRig. think of it like an intermediate MIDI Control, that is connected to an animation layer. this part is still in release process.

in fact – because there are just a few – it’s even possible to connect the parameters to a MIDI board …..

qo character definition

close the gap in large scale productions

the character lead predefines individual character face poses (e.g. for smile, frown….) from the regular face controllers. the poses can then be assigned to the qOcontrollers.

shared in the network, this character definition can be used by all animators.

the qOS studio tool provides a library and copy/paste functions for similar rig setups

coming soon