Create face-rigs with a stunning speed — Animate intuitively and fluently like never before — Feel free to try adaptations, variations and changes — Take more time for creativity.

Without QOS

With QOS


– Easy Install – currently for MAYA Win/Linux – Houdini planned
– Usability for all kind of animated creatures
– Extremly high UX, developed in animator`s practice
– Optimized animation-overview
– Special functions with adjustable automations
– E.g. a module that integrates sticky lips animation
– E.g. an exceptional speech system
– E.g. a clever „living-eye“-function

Use the
QO Act-O-Mat
to control any advanced face-rig. Assign the controllers or load settings and create the QO System. Animate faster and with more fun.

Optional: transfer the animation to the original controls and remove the QOS in the end

The QO Rig-O-Mat speeds up face Rigging.* The QOS MultiController can be integrated into the rig easily.
Save and load functions for settings are provided.

* the system takes care of all connections to the UI, including some extern controllers

TRY IT!     —–    And apply for QOS 02.02. BETA